Your Hawaii Vacation – What Do I Pack to Go to Hawaii?

Packing Your Bags for Hawaii
With airlines now charging for a second–or in some cases even for the first–piece of luggage, and strict “50 pounds per piece of luggage” weight limits being enforced, the thrifty traveler is forced to plan ahead wisely to avoid racking-up expensive luggage fees. I used to travel by the motto “Don’t check your baggage unless you can afford to lose it; if you can afford to loose it, don’t bring it”, thus I never traveled anywhere with anything more than my carry-on. While it is always good to travel as lightly as possible, with the advent of stringent new carry-on limits and my advancing age (and concomitant increasing desire to travel in comfort) I have learned to travel with only one piece of checked baggage plus my carry-on. The key is packing smart so you can pack less Big Island family photographers.

Be Smart About Your Carry On Baggage: Most airlines allow you to bring one carry-on bag and a personal item such as a purse or a lap-top. I push this a little by bringing a carry-on bag plus my lap-top in a computer pack which also has room for one video camera, my SLR Camera and an emergency change of clothes (in case all my other luggage is lost). Usually they let me get away with this. Because I trust neither baggage handlers nor TSA inspectors and my luggage has been lost more times than I remember, I pack my other video camera and the majority of my clothes in my other carry on bag so they don’t have to be checked. In this bag I also carry a quart of water (purchased at the airport, after security inspection) and some snacks.

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