Which Is Higher for a Driveway, Asphalt or Concrete?

The variations between asphalt and concrete driveways make them every distinctive. One is not essentially higher than the opposite. Relying in your wants, both is an efficient alternative for a driveway. This text will give an outline of the benefits and downsides of each so you may resolve which could be higher for you.


Asphalt driveways are mostly present in areas with excessive climate circumstances. The reason is asphalt has a pure flexibility that stops it from cracking in excessive chilly climate. It can also stand as much as deicing with salt, whereas concrete could be broken when salt is used on it. Plus, the darkish colour promotes faster melting of snow and ice by attracting the solar’s warmth. The downfall, nevertheless, is throughout the scorching climate months asphalt will warmth up a lot larger than concrete and retain the warmth longer. If circumstances are proper, asphalt can turn out to be mushy, giving in to the burden of heavy autos and leaving impressions within the floor.

The most important benefit asphalt has over concrete is the worth. Asphalt driveways could be 40-60% cheaper than concrete, which is certainly a bonus for houses with lengthy driveways. Asphalt is advisable for areas with mushy or soggy soil and areas with slopes due to the asphalt’s flexibility. This flexibility additionally offers the advantage of withstanding injury from sudden impacts to the floor.

Upkeep with asphalt driveways requires resealing it with tar each two years or so, which is a serious enterprise. Nevertheless, if holes or cracks do emerge, asphalt is simpler to restore by owners.


Concrete is usually utilized in hotter local weather areas that should not have extreme winters, primarily as a result of the concrete could be adversely affected by deicing salts. When sodium chlorate is used to soften ice and snow, it will get into the concrete’s pores and might trigger injury as the fabric expands and contracts throughout temperature modifications. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of deicers that won’t hurt the concrete (and are additionally higher in your garden), so utilizing concrete in colder areas isn’t out of the query. Then definitely within the scorching months concrete does its job properly by retaining its pure rigidity within the warmth in addition to deflecting daylight due to its lighter colour Houston concrete stain contractors.

Generally, concrete won’t want as a lot restore work as asphalt. Though cracking naturally happens with concrete, if the driveway is laid correctly with both rebar or wire mesh, cracks will likely be minor.

Despite the fact that concrete could also be dearer than asphalt, its lifespan is for much longer, really making the price v. lifespan comparability of the 2 varieties comparable to one another. So though extra could be spent upfront, changing the concrete driveway will likely be a lot additional down the street. Plus, concrete doesn’t require the identical quantity of upkeep as does asphalt. Relying in your space, concrete driveways can go as much as 10 years earlier than requiring one other sealing therapy. Plus, concrete could be stained so as to add magnificence and colour to the driveway. Staining could be achieved to previous or new concrete and bonds with the fabric so it won’t chip, peel or fade. Likewise, concrete could be stamped with designs like stones or bricks so as to add extra enchantment.

For extra data, contact a concrete driveway contractor close to you. If you’re in Georgia, Atlanta concrete driveways will help you discover options.


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